DS1822-PAR Econo Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer


DS1822-PAR Econo Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer RSS Sample
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The DS1822-PAR is a digital thermometer with ±2°C accuracy over a -10°C to +85°C range and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +100°C. Data is read out over a 1-Wire® serial bus in 2's complement format with 9 to 12 bits of resolution (user-programmable).

The DS1822-PAR is a parasite-power only version of the DS1822 that is ideal for use in remote-sensing applications such as temperature probes. Parasite power eliminates the need for a local power supply since power is derived directly from the 1-Wire bus. The DS1822-PAR provides mechanical simplicity over the DS1822 for parasite-power applications because no VDD connection is requiredthe DS1822 must have VDD connected to ground for operation in parasite-power mode.

The DS1822-PAR offers thermostatic functionality with user-programmable over-temperature (TH) and under-temperature (TL) set points stored in on-chip EEPROM. Each DS1822-PAR features a unique and unchangeable 64-bit silicon serial number, which serves as the bus address for the sensor. This allows multiple DS1822-PAR devices to coexist on the same 1-Wire bus.

The DS1822-PAR is offered a 3-pin TO-92 package. Also available is the high-precision DS18B20-PAR, which provides ±0.5°C accuracy and is software-compatible with the DS1822-PAR.

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