LTC6405 - 2.7GHz, 5V, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Input Differential Amplifier/Driver

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LTC6405 - 2.7GHz, 5V, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Input Differential Amplifier/Driver RSS Sample
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The LTC6405 is a very low noise, low distortion, fully differential input/output amplifier optimized for 5V, single supply operation. The LTC6405 input common mode range is rail-to-rail, while the output common mode voltage is independently adjustable by applying a voltage on the VOCM pin. This makes the LTC6405 ideal for level shifting signals with a wide common mode range for driving 12-bit to 16-bit single supply, differential input ADCs.

A 2.7GHz gain-bandwidth product results in 65dB linearity for 50MHz input signals. The LTC6405 is unity gain stable and the closed-loop bandwidth extends from DC to 800MHz. The output voltage swing extends from near-ground to 4V, to be compatible with a wide range of ADC converter input requirements. The LTC6405 draws only 18mA, and has a hardware shutdown feature which reduces current consumption to 400μA.

The LTC6405 is available in a compact 3mm × 3mm 16‑pin leadless QFN package, as well as an 8-lead MSOP package, and operates over a –40°C to 85°C temperature range.

* Differential Input ADC Driver

* Single-Ended to Differential Conversion

* Level-Shifting Ground-Referenced Signals

* Level-Shifting VCC-Referenced Signals

* High-Linearity Direct Conversion Receivers

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