MUX36S16 - Precision 36V 8-Channel/16-Channel Single Ended CMOS Multiplexer

Texas Instruments

MUX36S16 - Precision 36V 8-Channel/16-Channel Single Ended CMOS Multiplexer RSS Sample
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The MUX36S16 and MUX36D08 (MUX36xxx) are modern complementary metal-oxidesemiconductor (CMOS) precision analog multiplexers (muxes). The MUX36S16 offers 16:1 single-endedchannels, whereas the MUX36D08offers differential 8:1 or dual 8:1 single-ended channels. The MUX36S16 and MUX36D08 work equally well with eitherdual supplies (±5 V to ±18 V) or a single supply (10 V to 36 V). These devices also perform wellwith symmetric supplies (such as VDD = 12 V, VSS =–12 V), and unsymmetric supplies (such as VDD = 12 V,VSS = –5 V). All digital inputs have transistor-transistor logic (TTL)compatible thresholds, providing both TTL and CMOS logic compatibility when operating in the validsupply voltage range.

The MUX36S16 and MUX36D08 have very low on- and off-leakage currents, allowing these multiplexers to switchsignals from high input impedance sources with minimal error. A low supply current of 45 µA enablesuse in power-sensitive applications.

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