LM2930 - 3-Terminal Positive Regulator

Texas Instruments

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The LM2930 3-terminal positive regulator features an ability to source 150 mA of output current with an input-output differential of 0.6V or less. Efficient use of low input voltages obtained, for example, from an automotive battery during cold crank conditions, allows 5V circuitry to be properly powered with supply voltages as low as 5.6V. Familiar regulator features such as current limit and thermal overload protection are also provided.

Designed originally for automotive applications, the LM2930 and all regulated circuitry are protected from reverse battery installations or 2 battery jumps. During line transients, such as a load dump (40V) when the input voltage to the regulator can momentarily exceed the specified maximum operating voltage, the regulator will automatically shut down to protect both internal circuits and the load. The LM2930 cannot be harmed by temporary mirror-image insertion.

Fixed outputs of 5V and 8V are available in the plastic TO-220 and SFM power packages.

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