80 Colors Anime Art Marker Double Headed Sketch Alcohol Marker Pen Set



Ergonomic pen design, high-end materials,moderate length,long grip without fatigue.

Quality pen cap design,air-dried to prenvent the nib,durable.

fine nib smooth, uniform ink absorption,use the tip soft and comfortable,wearable.

Cap printed with the model and color,easy to identify,easy to pinpoint.

Sealing cap rigorous,effectively preventing the ink evaporaion.


Material: Plastic

Color: 80 colors ( Architecture /Costume /Product Design 80 Colors Marker Pens Product ID:1296015)

Styles: Black/White

Pen Length: 15.0cm

Stroke Width: 1mm and 6mm

Package included:

1 x 80 Colors Anime Double Headed Marker Pen

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