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The MEC1633 is the mixed signal base component of a multi-device advanced I/O controller architecture which incorporates a high-performance 32-bit ARC 625D embedded microcontroller with a 192 Kilobyte Embedded Flash Subsystem, 16 Kilobytes of SRAM and a 1 Kilobyte EEPROM Emulation. It communicates with the system host using the Intel® Low Pin Count bus. The MEC1633 is the Embedded Controller Base Component of a split-architecture Advanced I/O Controller system that uses BC-LinkTM communication protocol to access up to three companion components. The MEC1633 is directly powered by two separate suspend supply planes (VBAT and VTR) and senses a third runtime power plane (VCC) to provide “instant on” and system power management functions. The MEC1633 also contains an integrated VTR Reset Interface and a system Power Management Interface that supports low-power states and can drive state changes as a result of hardware wake events as defined by the MEC1633 Wake Interface.

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