ADC12D1620QML-SP - 12-Bit, Dual 1.6-GSPS or Single 3.2-GSPS, RF-Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) - Aerospace

Texas Instruments

The ADC12D1620QML device uses a package redesign to achieve better ENOB, SNR, and X-talkcompared to the ADC12D1600QML. As is its predecessor, the ADC12D1620QML is a low-power,high-performance CMOS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that digitizes signals at a 12-bitresolution at sampling rates up to 3.2 GSPS in an interleaved mode. It can also be used as adual-channel ADC for sampling rates up to 1.6 GSPS. For sampling rates below 800 MHz, there is alow-sampling power-saving mode (LSPSM) that reduces power consumption to less than 1.4 W perchannel (typical). The ADC can support conversion rates as low as 200 MSPS.

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