MAX11503 Video Y/C Summer with Driver and Chroma Mute


MAX11503 Video Y/C Summer with Driver and Chroma Mute RSS Sample
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The MAX11503 is a low-power video amplifier with a Y/C summer and chroma mute. The device accepts an S-video or Y/C input and sums the luma (Y) and chroma (C) signals into a composite CVBS signal which can be connected directly to a TV monitor. The MAX11503 drives two terminated 75Ω video coax cables.

The MAX11503 features include chroma mute, power save, and SAG correction. Chroma mute disables the chroma buffer. If the device is used to combine Y and C signals in a camera application, the chroma mute may be used in low-light situations. This removes all chroma including burst which causes a downstream composite video decoder to interpret the video signal as luminance only, thus improving image quality. SAG correction allows small output capacitors to be used in AC-coupled output applications.

The MAX11503 operates from a single 2.7V to 5.25V supply, is specified over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range, and is available in a small 8-pin µMAX® package.

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