Adafruit AVR ATmegaXX8 Pinout Sticker - 10 pcs


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These stickers are a must for anyone making a project with an ATmegaXX8 chip such as the ATmega48, ATmega8, ATmega88, ATmega168, or ATmega328. They fit right on top of a 28 pin DIP chip, and clearly indicate every pin by port name or common use for the I2C and SPI pins. No more looking up the datasheet or schematic! The stickers are made of a tough vinyl, usually used for bumper stickers, so they will not fade, scratch, or wrinkle. The stickers are die cut already into a rounded rectangle that fits on top of the AVRComes in a pack of ten, so you never need to feel like you're about to run out. AVR chips are not included, but we do have Arduino-bootloader AVR chips in the shop.

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