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MCU Core

* 80MHz/1052DMIPS, 32-bit MIPS M4K Core

* USB 2.0 On-The-Go Peripheral with integrated PHY

* CAN2.0b module with 1024 transmit/receive buffers

* 4 Dedicated DMA Channel for USB OTG

* 5 Stage pipeline, Harvard architecture

* MIPS16e mode for up to 40% smaller code size

* Single cycle multiply and hardware divide unit

* 32 x 32-bit Core Registers

* 32 x 32-bit Shadow Registers

* Fast context switch and interrupt response

MCU System Features

* 512K Flash (plus 12K boot Flash)

* 64K RAM (can execute from RAM)

* 8 Channel Hardware DMA Controller

* Flash prefetch module with 256 Byte cache

* Lock instructions or data in cache for fast access

* Programmable vector interrupt controller

Analog Features

* Fast and Accurate 16 channel 10-bit ADC,

* Max 1 Mega samples per second at +/- 1LSB, conversion available during SLEEP & IDLE

Power Management Modes

* RUN, IDLE, and SLEEP modes

* Multiple switchable clock modes for each power mode, enables optimum power settings

Debug Features

* 8 hardware breakpoints (6 Instruction and 2 Data)

* 2 wire programming and debugging interface

* JTAG interface supporting Programming, Debugging and Boundary scan

* iFlow Trace: Non-intrusive Hardware Instruction Trace port (5 Wires)

Other MCU Features

* Fail-Safe Clock Monitor – allows safe shutdown if clock fails

* Hardware RTCC (Real-Time Clock and Calendar with Alarms)

* 2 Internal oscillators (8MHz & 31KHz)

* Watchdog Timer with separate RC oscillator

* Pin compatible with 16-bit PIC® MCUs

* Serial Communication Modules allow flexible UART/SPI/I2C™ configuration

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