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The MIC4426/4427/4428 family are highly-reliable dual low-side MOSFET drivers fabricated on a BiCMOS/DMOS process for low power consumption and high efficiency. These drivers translate TTL or CMOS input logic levels to output voltage levels that swing within 25mV of the positive supply or ground. Comparable bipolar devices are capable of swinging only to within 1V of the supply. The MIC4426/7/8 is available in three configurations: dual inverting, dual noninverting, and one inverting plus one noninverting output.

The MIC4426/4427/4428 are pin-compatible replacements for the MIC426/427/428 and MIC1426/1427/1428 with improved electrical performance and rugged design. They can withstand up to 500mA of reverse current (either polarity) without latching and up to 5V noise spikes (either polarity) on ground pins.

Primarily intended for driving power MOSFETs, MIC4426/7/8 drivers are suitable for driving other loads (capacitive, resistive, or inductive) which require low-impedance, high peak current, and fast switching time. Other applications include driving heavily loaded clock lines, coaxial cables, or piezoelectric transducers. The only load limitation is that total driver power dissipation must not exceed the limits of the package.

Note See MIC4126/4127/4128 for high power and narrow pulse applications.

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